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zipLogix™’s integrates MLS data straight from an MLS system into a zipForm® transaction. This eliminates the need for double data entry for many fields in a transaction. MLS services interested in partnering, please ( Click Here )

Association Partnerships
As the creator of the exclusive and official forms software of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION of REALTORS®, zipLogix™ offers your members a technically advanced suite of products that can dramatically increase their productivity and reduce the work associated with the paperwork process. zipLogix is continuously working with state and local associations to ensure their proprietary forms are available to members through their zipForm® product. Currently, forms libraries from more than 280 associations and brokers are available through zipLogix™.

Partnership opportunities are also available for zipLogix’s zipTMS™ Transaction Management Tool. Designed to help your members send a “Green” message by streamlining the contract process and helping them conduct business online. From listing to closing, relay provides your members with risk management, increases productivity and improves efficiency.

To aid in that goal, we provide associations with a full range of flexible licensing and partnership opportunities as well as comprehensive ( marketing and sales support )

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