Works on Windows and Mac OSX
Fill out forms without creating a transaction
E-Mail transactions and forms
Print forms, or save them as a PDF
Automatically save transactions
Forms automatically update with new releases
Create and use templates for transactions
Apply templates to a transaction at any time
Use multiple templates in a transaction
Manage templates and transactions separately
Transaction Information feature enables quick data entry
Transaction data flows from form to form
Streamline transactions with Clauses and Fast Fill Mode
Easily edit Lookup Lists and Clauses
Undo/Redo an action in a form
Change the capitalization of a form field
Easily edit Lookup Lists and Clauses
Toggle user interface between English and Spanish
E-Signature and MLS integration
Store contacts and import data to forms with the Address Book
Outbound faxing of documents
Spell-check transactions
Built-in Mortgage Calculator
Attach Virtual Sticky Notes for reminders
Undo/Redo actions in forms
Continue working if the internet connection is interrupted
Store transactions directly on computer
Mobile Access with zipForm® Mobile (subscription required)
Create custom email signatures
Search transactions, forms, and templates with real time results
Apply photos contacts, transactions and profile
Integrated secure online document storage with zipVault®
Store transactions securely online
Create, Edit, and Send transactions online from any computer
Operates within internet browsers
TopProducer® and relay® transaction management integration
Track which files are saved online or on the local computer
Synchronize transaction files for online and offline use
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