zipForm® Mobile
Web Edition

Connect right where you are with zipForm® Mobile Web Edition for Apple® iPad™ & iPhone®, BlackBerry®, and Android™ devices!

Another way to stay connected to your clients and never miss a beat

Today’s real estate professional knows that it is getting harder to stay ahead of the competition in this ever-changing industry. You rely on tools that simplify and improve your day-to-day life - tools that allow you to act fast and access vital information immediately, no matter where you are. Keeping on top of the latest technology in the office is work enough, but now agents and brokers must find a way to connect and take care of business wherever they go.

zipLogix is proud to present zipForm® Mobile Web Edition for Apple® iPad™ & iPhone®, BlackBerry® , and Android devices* – an extension of the office when your business has ‘left the building’. This companion software is an extension of your zipForm® Plus (online) account that allows you to keep important transaction information readily accessible. Now you can easily stay connected to your zipForm contract information anytime and anywhere your hectic schedule takes you.

Right here – right now – with the right information

zipForm® Mobile Web Edition lets you connect to that important information contained in your zipForm online account, and managing online transactions has never been easier. Get property information, seller and buyer information, and list and offer dates along with listing price and deposit. You can quickly list the forms within a transaction, add a new form to a transaction and fill in all of the information for a transaction with the ‘Edit’ feature. This means you can now efficiently manage your transactions on the go, directly from your  Apple® iPad™ & iPhone®,  BlackBerry®, and Android devices*.


Create a new transaction

List the forms within a transaction (sort alphabetically)

Add one or more forms to a transaction from one or more licensed libraries

List and modify transactions (sort ascending / descending by modification date or by name)

Fill in all fields on every form with the ‘Edit’ feature and information will automatically cascade throughout the forms within the transaction

View forms in PDF or PNG format on your device and navigate forms by scrolling through the pages or zooming.

Email one or more forms in PDF format to one or more email recipients, complete with any comments

System Requirements:
  • Apple® iOS 3 & above for all Apple® Mobile Platforms
  • BlackBerry® 4.6 & above
  • Android™ 1.6 & above
  • zipForm Plus account required